Julien K Open to Contributing More Sonic Music

Julien K are a band who formed in 2003 featuring Orgy vocalist Ryan Shuck and Rough Cutt guitarist Amir Derakh. Best known for having a large impact for some Sonic games in the early 2000s, such as doing “This Machine” for the Sonic Heroes Soundtrack and “Waking Up” for the Shadow the Hedgehog Soundtrack in 2005.

They went on to feature continued success with their group and released their long awaited debut album Death to Analog in 2009, followed by We’re Here With You in 2012. After launching their first Kickstarter campaign in 2015 for their first California Noir album Analog Beaches & Digital Cities, and recently releasing their latest record “California Noir Chapter Two – Nightlife in Neon” after another successful crowdfunding campaign. Julien K also performed Live at the Summer of Sonic festival in 2011.

Earlier today there was a live Q&A session with the group on Facebook discussing future projects, such as the upcoming release of their special boxset called “Time Capsule”. During the live broadcast I asked them if they had the opportunity would they ever consider making music for the Sonic games again, and which they replied “Yes”.

Are you hopeful to see Jun Senoue come back to the Sonic games to become Sound Director again? Let us know in the comments!