“Classic Sonic is Back” confirms SEGA

In a very strange Youtube Video posted on the Sonic the Hedgehog Youtube Account today, they hinted what the “Secret codes” meant in their bizarre teaser posts that were shared before, and around the 25th anniversary of Sonic the Hedgehog.
According to the video, they all had secret codes in the pictures. Although some fans knew of this already, were quite hard to debunk.
At the end of the video SEGA reveal that the reason for these “teaser images” was to confirm that Classic Sonic has returned”.
Although obvious now, we’ve already seen him show up in the teaser for Project Sonic 2017 and a new revival 2D animated Sonic game called Sonic Mania, also due out for 2017, it’s nice for SEGA to acknowledge the fans of Classic Sonic. However, although there are still fans of the Modern Sonic, as well.
“Yes, Classic Sonic is back” says the announcer in the video.