SEGA & Archie Comics Sued by Former Artist

No, it’s not Ken Penders this time, but Archie Comics are once again being filed a lawsuit against, once again for alleged copyright infringement, by former artist Scott Fulop.

According to sources, Fulop claims he has owns creative rights to 15 of the major SONIC Comic Exclusive characters Mammoth Mogul, Sergeant Simian, Lightning Lynx, Predator Hawk, Flying Frog, The Fearsome Foresome Goup, Merlin Prower, Sir Connery, Black Death, Enchantress, Mathias Poe, Damocles The Elder, The Swords of Acorns, The Swords of Light, The Land of Dark, and Fly Fly Freddie.

After Fulop was informed by Ken Penders that Archie Comics were reprinting his work and had thus registered a copyright complaint in stories that he had written from 2009 – 2010 for the comics. His lawyer Neil A Burstein wrote to Archie saying that those characters have been owned by Scott’s company Narrative Ark, and continued to use his characters without proper credit. A paperwork apparently lists more than “a thousand examples in print and digital works without royalty payment”.

More news as it develops.