Crush 40 Setlist at Summer of Sonic 2016

Here are the songs for the setlist of the Crush 40 Concert at the recent Summer of Sonic 2016. Featuring Johnny Gioeli & Jun Senoue.

01. Sonic Adventure Introduction
02. Open Your Heart
03. Sonic Heroes
04. His World
05. Free
06. Sonic Boom
07. 2 Nights 2 Remember
08. Knight Of The Wind
09. One Of Those Days
10. I Am….All Of Me
11. Never Turn Back
12. All Hail Shadow
13. Live & Learn
14. What I’m Made Of…


Did you take any videos of the show? We’d love to see them.

Crush 40 have been performing a lot of live shows recently, as well as showing up at the Sonic 25th Anniversary Party on July 22 2016. With also rumors of a new album in the works, for sometime within the near future. Jun Senoue has recently released a new album “The Works II” featuring remastered tracks compiled together as a sequel for his 2009 “The Works” album, which features video game compositions and already released Crush 40 tracks.
A day before the Crush 40 concert in London, Johnny Gioeli was in Germany at the Wacken Open Air Festival performing a concert with his other band, Axel Rudi Pell, in front of 75,000 people!