New LEGO Dimensions Sonic Gameplay Trailer Analysis

New LEGO Dimensions Sonic Gameplay Trailer Analysis

A new trailer for Sonic in LEGO Dimensions was shown at the 25th Anniversary party. It showcases our previously mentioned levels, vehicles, and more gameplay!

In this trailer, we’re shown everything we need to know about Sonic in LEGO Dimensions.

Credit to the LEGO Dimensions Twitter for the image

Credit to the LEGO Dimensions Twitter for the image.

Right off the bat, we can see what the set will get you in-game. Sonic, his car from the All-Star Racing games, the Tornado, and the levels Green Hill, Emerald Coast, and Death Egg.

Now, getting into the actual gameplay, it definitely looks as though the developers took a lot of attention to detail for Sonic.


Looks familiar? You probably saw it here.

We can see Sonic has his classic waiting animations, which is usually a given in Sonic games anymore. But aside from that, Sonic’s overall gameplay seems to be inspired by previous titles. First off, his “stomp” like attack seems to be directly influenced from his down-air-attack from his appearances in the Super Smash Bros games. Same goes with his standard punch-punch-kick combo attack; directly influenced from Smash Bros. But aside from that, his homing attack looks strikingly similar to the floatiness of the Sonic 4: Ep. II attack. We’re also shown his Spindash, which looks reminiscent to the rather spikier looking variant from the cancelled Sonic SATAM game. And near the end of the trailer, we’re shown that Sonic can transform into Super Sonic, something we’ve seen in games since the 16-bit days.Other than attacks, we see Sonic can fly the Tornado, and drive his car from past games. And of course, Sonic seems to be much faster than the other LEGO Universe characters, which arguably his most defining trait.

Other than gameplay, the levels we are shown also seem true to the originals, and definitely kick in the nostalgia factor. The version of Green Hill zone we’re shown is very similar to the version we saw in Sonic Generations, but with LEGO edits. legolevelsEmerald Coast, while not shown in-game, seems to stay faithful to Sonic Adventure, featuring sand, loops, bridges, and orcas. Though we are shown on the box to have only three levels, this concept art from the video seems to indicate a possibility of more levels.

And that’s about it for the gameplay trailer. The only other significant news given about Sonic in LEGO Dimensions was that we are told Sonic’s friends will show up in-game, and we will see many familiar faces.

Sources: YouTube and interviews conducted in the stream.

So, now that you’ve seen what’s to offer of Sonic in LEGO Dimensions, will you be bricking up a copy of the game? If you already have it, will you spend the money to buy Sonic? Let the world know your opinion in the comments below!