(UPDATE) First Look at Sonic in LEGO Dimensions, and Release Date Announced

UPDATE: SEGABits has posted a picture on Twitter from the event showcasing the actual LEGO figures:


Original Post:
Thanks to Brick Inquirer, we have been shown our first in-game glimpse at Sonic in Lego Dimensions.

And not only this, but according to Jason Inquires, we are told that he will be unveiled at the 25th Anniversary party, and released along side a level pack (presumably including Green Hill Zone) in November.


More updates are sure to come , and we will keep you updated on Sonic in LEGO Dimensions, and the latest news at the 25th Anniversary.

Source: Brick Inquirer, and thanks to BlueParax for bringing this to our attention.

Will you be getting LEGO Dimensions to play as Sonic? Let your thoughts be heard in the comments below!