Sonic Runners Soundtrack to Receive Physical CD Release

Sonic Runners Soundtrack to Receive Physical CD Release

It looks like an official version of the Sonic Runners Original Soundtrack is getting a physical CD release for September 2016. Although it seems strange how the game servers have ended. The soundtrack was first released on iTunes in 2015, but over two volumes. This version of the CD contains the whole soundtrack on a single CD. Rejoice!

The RRP is 1500 JPY; roughly $20. Due for release on September 14 2016 through Wavemaster Records.

01. Beyond The Speed Of…
02. Fly Away
03. Power Ride
04. Theory Of Attack
05. Where To Today?
06. Going My Way!
07. Go Quickly!
08. Spring Emotions
09. Fiery Passion
10. End Of The Summer
11. Strange Parade
12. Magical Snow Day
13. Ambition

The soundtrack to Sonic Runners has an upbeat kind of rock feel to it, composed by veteran Sonic musician Tomoya Ohtani, who is becoming more associated to the recent direction of Sonic music. He is well known for composing music to Sonic Colors and Sonic Lost World.

Thanks to the SOAH City user Ashram and VGMDB for the information!

Source: VGMdb