Top 10 Pokemon of Generation II

If Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow were considered landslide success titles for Nintendo, then one could consider Pokemon Gold, Silver, and Crystal taking that same landslide and multiplying it by 2. Not only did we get a brand new region, Johto, with new trainers, types, items, and 100 new Pokemon, but we also got to traverse Kanto, the original location featured in the first generation titles.

With the major list of Pokemon now up to 251, generation II added several new Pokemon to the mix. Today, we’re going to be covering our top 10 Pokemon of generation II as they appear in Pokemon Gold, Silver, Crystal. This list, like our other list on the Top Ten Pokemon of Generation I, will be as the monsters appear in game.






  1. Tyranitar

The Godzilla imposter of the Pokemon world, Tyranitar was one of the poster children of the new “Dark” typing. He had been shown off in early drawings and conception, and was generally used to balance the overuse of Psychic-type Pokemon like Mewtwo. One of the best things about this stage 3 Pokemon was his ability to fit into all sorts of roles. His typing and stats helped him be defensive, but really, you could play this bad boy (or girl) in any way you wanted. Accessing rock moves, ground moves, and dark moves left nothing to be wanted from this creature and it looks intimidating, to top it all off.




  1. Houndoom

We move to another Dark dual type, except this one was arguably one of the most dangerous Pokemon as far as offensive typing. While Fire and Dark are naturally aggressive, Houndoom had access to Solar Beam for it’s Water-typed foes, as well as Dark attacks for those who had a Psychic dual typing as well. It also has a very demonic design, which was something that Pokemon hadn’t done up until that point. It was so cool to summon a hellhound to fight on your behalf!




  1. Heracross

This Bug/Fighting phenomenon was a great Pokemon to have. Not only did it have a great move pool and design, but it’s typing was unique and different in a good way. Sure, it had some Fire types to worry about, but with the different Pokemon roaming about, Heracross could hold its own fairly well. It also had a signature move, Megahorn, which could strike fear into any Pokemon of the Dark, Psychic, or Grass persuasion.




  1. Espeon

Not only did Eevee have plenty of options in R/B/Y, but it got a Dark type and Psychic type option in G/S/C. Espeon has a very high Special Attack, and can be both an offensive booster and a baton passer. It has a unique design, almost out of left field when compared to its counterparts. Many could argue that Eevee has an almost cat and dog anatomy, but Espeon was more cat-like in design. I also find it interesting that Pokemon Trainer Red had this critter on his team as well.




  1. Suicune

Being the relative best Pokemon to use out of the roaming legendary trio, Suicune doesn’t come across this lightly. It is a very defensive tank, and can stall all sorts of Pokemon from the opponent’s team. This also made matters worse for those of us who were trying to catch it because it could run away before we even had a chance to fight it. This Pokemon also got its own title, Pokemon Crystal, and some interesting back story involving a pseudo-rival that chased after it while chasing you.




  1. Feraligatr

My personal opponent through most of the game, this Pokemon would often tear some of the other members of my party to shreds with his high attack power. The biggest thing about this Pokemon that I like and admire, however, is his design. He is a complete contrast to Blastoise, as he looks feral and ready to strike. My rival’s edgy demeanor would often reflect this and it would always seem justly so that he stole this Pokemon in particular.




  1. Typhlosion

This Pokemon brings back a lot of memories. I remember battling with him so often that he suffered from the same problem my Charizard did: he was overused and extremely overleveled when compared to my other team members. His design was simple but elegant. His literal flaming mane was the downfall of many Pokemon as I played through Silver and Crystal. It got plenty of great moves and had pretty decent stats. It still always faired fairly well against the other starters, so I was always secure in the fact that I had chosen right.




  1. Forretress

Hitting the proverbial nail on the head, this Pokemon is literally a fortress of defense. Not only was his typing unique for the time, but his stats were second to none when it came to defense. G/S/C had the advent of entry hazards and this Pokemon excelled at setting them up and tearing them down. Couple this with the fact that he could poison or affect the Psychic threats of the game and you have one Pokemon who made for plenty of headaches for your foes.




  1. Blissey

This is the white mage of the Pokemon world. Not only could it take hits because of great special defense, but it could heal damage and status effects for itself and other Pokemon on your team. While physical attacks would hurt because of low defense, it did have plenty of HP bulk to cover this. Design-wise, it was one prissy Pokemon, but it did help that it was a team player that could find a home on many different setups.




  1. Lugia

When someone asks me to name the single Pokemon that represents Generation II, I instinctively blurt out this one without a second thought. From a design standpoint, Lugia is much more anti-bird looking than Ho-Oh, and that is a good thing. While based as a more defensive Pokemon, Lugia can fit in as an offensive creature as well. With it’s own signature “Aeroblast” move, Lugia could strike with a higher-than-normal critical rate, use Curse, and heal itself up after taking several hits. Roll all this up with the ability to use a decent move pool and you have the definitive Pokemon of the second generation.


Did you favorite Pokemon of the second generation make the list? If not, what Pokemon would you have put on this list? Be sure to tune back next time, as we escape to Hoenn and tackle the Top 10 Pokemon of Gen. III!