Sonic 25th Anniversary CD & DVD Details Revealed

Sonic 25th Anniversary CD & DVD Details Revealed

sonic 25th anniversary cd

We recently reported a quietly announced release of an upcoming Sonic the Hedgehog 25th Anniversary CD. Unfortunately, the CD seems to be only releasing in Japan. The CD will come with a special DVD, however it’s not certain whether the DVD will contain subtitles or possibly have an English language option, but it will most likely be in all Japanese. Choice of tracks is mixed with standard hits and some nice surprises while providing a more up to date selection of tracks spanning over Sonic’s gaming and musical history. Apparently the two discs are color coded. Disc 1 is called the “Blue Edition” and disc 2 is called the “Black Edition”.

“Sonic the Hedgehog 25th Anniversary Soundtrack 2CD & DVD” (Blue Edition)” Tracklist:

Disc 1 “Blue Edition”

01. STH1 Green Hill Zone (Mega Drive Version)

02. STH2 Special Stage (Mega Drive Version)

03. STH3 Special Stage (Mega Drive Version)

04. S&K Sky Sanctuary Zone (Mega Drive Version)

05. Palmtree Panic (Sonic CD)

06. Can You Feel The Sunshine? (Sonic R)

07. Mt Red – A Symbol Of Thrill (Sonic Adventure)

08. Join Us 4 A Happy Time “Chao Garden” (Sonic Adventure)

09. It Doesn’t Matter Version 2 (Sonic Adventure 2)

10. That’s The Way I Like It (Sonic Adventure 2)

11. Neo Green Hill (Sonic Advance)

12. Sonic Heroes (Opening Ver) (Sonic Heroes)

13. We Can (Sonic Heroes)

14. Wave Ocean -The Inlet- (Sonic The Hedgehog 06)

15. Theme of Metal City (Sonic Riders)

16. A New Venture (Sonic Rush Adventure)

17. Windmill Isle – Day (Sonic World Adventure)

18. Rooftop Run – Day (Sonic World Adventure)

19. Reach For The Stars (Short Ver) (Sonic Colours)

20. Aquarium Park Act 1 (Sonic Colours)

21. Escape From The City (Jun Senoue & Cash Cash version) (Sonic Generations)

22. Seaside Hill Act 2 Modern Ver (Sonic Generations)

23. Windy Hill Zone 1 (Sonic Lost World)

24. Main Theme Of Sonic Toon (aka Sonic Boom) (Sonic Boom TV Series)

25. Beyond The Speed Of….(Sonic Runners)

Disc 2 “Black Edition”

01. STH1 Scrap Brain Zone (Mega Drive Version)

02. STH2 Chemical Plant Zone (Mega Drive Version)

03. STH3 Angel Island Zone Act 2 (Mega Drive Version)

04. S&K Death Egg Act 2 (Sonic & Knuckles)

05. Introduction…Featuring Open Your Heart (Sonic Adventure)

06. Skydeck A Go go! (Sonic Adventure)

07. Vengeance Is Mine (Sonic Adventure 2)

08. For True Story (Sonic Adventure 2)

09. Rail Canyon (Sonic Heroes)

10. I Am…All Of Me (Opening Ver) (Shadow The Hedgehog)

11. Westopolis (Shadow the Hedgehog)

12. Theme of Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 e3 Version (Sonic the Hedgehog 06)

13. Crisis City The Flame – Skyscraper – Whirlwind – Tornado (Sonic the Hedgehog 06)

14. Sonic Speed Riders (Sonic Riders)

15. High and Broken (Sonic & The Secret Rings)

16. Un Gravitify (Sonic Riders Zero Gravity)

17. Werehog Battle Theme (Sonic World Adventure)

18. Super Sonic vs Perfect Dark Gaia (Sonic World Adventure)

19. With Me (Sonic & The Black Knight)

20. Free (Opening Version) (Sonic Free Riders)

21. Planet Whisp Act 1 (Sonic Colours)

22. vs Nega Whisp Armour Phase 2 (Sonic Colours)

23. Boss Metal Sonic (Sonic the Hedgehog 4)

24. The Deadly Six Theme (Sonic Lost World)

25. Theory Of Attack (Sonic Runners)

Disc 3 DVD

01. Sonic CD Opening

02. Sonic Adventure Opening

03. Sonic Adventure 2 PV

04. Sonic Adventure 2 Battle Opening

05. Sonic Heroes PV

06. Sonic The Hedgehog Opening (06?)

07. Sonic Riders Opening

08. Sonic the Hedgehog 06 E3 Trailer

09. Sonic & The Secret Rings PV

10. Sonic Riders Zero Gravity TGS Trailer

11. Sonic World Adventure / Sonic Unleashed Opening

12. Sonic & The Black Knight TGS Trailer

13. Sonic Colours Opening

14. Sonic Free Riders opening

15. Sonic Generations PV era 1

16. Sonic Generations PV era 2

17. Sonic Generations PV era 3

18. Sonic Lost World PV

19. “Sonic Toon” (aka Sonic Boom) Japanese Opening

Phew! that was a lot of work to get through. This looks like a really exciting boxset and I am pleased to see lots of surprises, especially the Japanese theme to Sonic Boom TV series added to the CD, as well as a nice mixture of tracks that range from a large selection of games.

It would be a shame if the DVD does not feature subtitles, but I plan to review the whole box set when I receive it after the release date and take a look at it all.

Until then, you can pre-order it on places such as CD Japan and Amazon right now.

Source: Sonic Channel