Cancelled Sonic Game Prototype Footage Discovered

Cancelled Sonic Game Prototype Footage Discovered

Does anyone remember that cancelled Sonic skateboarding game for the original Xbox that would eventually turn into the concept of Sonic Riders?

Recently, as of 2011 the game was revealed to be called Sonic Extreme (NOT related to Sonic X Treme, the cancelled Sonic game for the Sega Saturn) according to Youtube channel PtoPOnline. Although pictures of Sonic on a skateboard for a lost game and evidence that this game once existed was released previously.

When footage to Sonic Extreme was released to the press it was received very negatively so the concept turned into Sonic Riders, a much faster but similar boarding game, but instead of skate boards, air boards are used.

To check out the newly discovered prototype footage, check out the video below. It’s quite lengthy, Maybe it’s for the best that this game wasn’t meant to be.

Thanks to the Youtube channel PtoPOnline for the videos!