“Nazo” confirmed to be Super Sonic alternative by Takashi Iizuka

“Nazo” confirmed to be Super Sonic alternative by Takashi Iizuka


Anyone remember this?

This is who was formerly known as “Nazo”, which translates to “Mystery” in Japanese. First seen in an early trailer for Sonic X, his face was all over the place when the Sonic fandom attempted to figure out just who exactly he is. On the Japanese SEGA website, the photo above was entitled “Nazo.jpg”, giving him the infamous name he had…until today.

Recently uncovered by the Sonic Stadium, one of the website’s members had a conversation with Takashi Iizuka, the current head of Sonic Team. I’ll leave a link to the screenshot of the full conversation here for anyone who wants the details.

Basically, the photo is of Super Sonic. Many thought this was to be either a scrapped Hyper Sonic animation or a separate character himself, but when asked Iizuka assured that it was an alternate style of Super Sonic. Iizuka even stated that he checked “all thing(s) of Sonic X”, so it sounds like he made sure before telling said member.

How do you guys feel about this? Would you have preferred this Super Sonic over the final version Sonic X brought us? Tell us in the comments below!