Sonic Runners Review

Sonic Runners Review

Have you ever wondered if SEGA’s Sonic Dash could get any better? Let’s say we make the game 2D, run at a beautiful & smooth 60fps, give it the look and feel of Sonic Jump Fever, and the best part…it’s completely FREE! If this sounds like a potential Sonic game of your interest, then Sonic Runners could be the game you’ve been waiting for. Let’s dive straight into the review of SEGA/Sonic Team’s newest mobile-only Sonic game: Sonic Runners.


Here’s the catch, Sonic Runners is an online only Sonic game. No, not as in an online multiplayer, but as in the game needs to establish an internet connection in order to play. I know, it sounds like a hassle and like Microsoft’s Xbox One console being announced all over again, but I can completely assure you, it’s well worth this small task. “Why online only?” you may ask yourselves. It’s believed so hackers can’t hack the game to make themselves demigods, at least that’s what I’ve been able to dig up.

Definitely the best thing overall in Sonic Runners is the core gameplay. During a stage, your selected character will run endlessly (hence the title) until you lose all your rings and get hit, fall off an edge, or run into a wall. During your run, you’ll be able to activate a series of power-ups such as: Invincibility for rough patches, Shield for when you’re out of rings, Magnet for when you’re near a gem-zone, and several more. Even a few Wisps make a return; Laser, Asteroid, and Drill.


Eventually you’ll be challenged by Dr. Eggman in a mini boss battle, this happens every so often throughout your run. During this battle Eggman will fly ahead of you in his Egg Mobile, you’ll have a limited amount of time to catch up and attack him, then collect bonus rings before he flies away. Afterwards, you’ll see either a “Speeding Up” or “Top Speed” (after 2 battles with Eggman) capitation appear, and you’ll begin to run faster on a more challenging course. At the end of every act, you’ll have an actual boss battle with Dr. Eggman. Trust me, they get harder each time you play them. If you beat the boss without dying, you gain a “Flawless Egg”, which can build up to help you later on.


Here’s something fun, Sonic Runners brings back Chao! No not the gardens, sorry! However, with the new companion system, you can select 1-2 companions to fly by your character’s side to give special abilities. You can use characters from various different Chao to the Erazor Djinn (I’m not kidding!), or even Caliburn, Shahra, and Chip. Like I said, each and every companion brings something new to the table each time you unlock a new one. They’re all very useful, so try to collect them all!

Sonic Runners also brings a variety of characters to the game. Of course, this is the part where (unless you’re very lucky) you’ll have to spend a little cash to afford the Red Star Rings in order to purchase the character(s) you want. Either that, or have enough patience to collect the specified amount of Red Star Rings, similar to how Sonic Dash handled character purchases. There have already been so many characters revealed, and of course you have Sonic who comes unlocked from the beginning. As you progress throughout the story you’ll eventually unlock Tails and Knuckles. From then on, you’ll have to use Red Star Rings in order to buy special characters like Shadow the Hedgehog, Silver, Blaze the Cat, Big, Cream the Rabbit, Vector, and so many more. There have even been rumors of Tikal making an appearance in the game as a playable character.

There’s also a feature in the game where you’ll be able to test your luck and patience. There is a small mini game where you can play the “prize wheel”. You can win anything from Red Star Rings, regular rings, power-ups, wisps, to special characters! However, unless you’re willing to spend your Red Star Rings, you’ll only be able to play this game once a day for free. From then on, it’s 50 Red Star Rings every spin.


I should also mention the ranking system. Of course being an online-only game, there are leaderboards in which you can get ranked from several different divisions based on your high score. The ranks go from Level 1 E-Rank all the way to Level 3 S-Rank. Each time you rank up, you get rewards! These rewards vary from regular rings (in large portions) to bundles of Red Star Rings. If you couldn’t tell by now, these are the 2 main types of currency in Sonic Runners.

The final thing I’ll mention is the story. Please don’t expect a great story from this game. It’s a freemium Sonic game that focuses mainly on gameplay, the story is just there for… reasons, I guess. The story isn’t anything special, but it’s better than no story at all. There will be plenty of times in the story you’ll have an urge to facepalm, but it’s not terrible by any means, there just wasn’t a lot of work put into it. But be warned, the story is very long.


Overall, Sonic Runners is everything I would expect from a free Sonic game for my Android (also available on iOS!) It’s a Sonic game built to pass time and have fun while doing so. I’ve sat down before and played this game for nearly a day straight, but I can’t see a lot of people doing that unless you’re just very determined to see the end. It’s something that’s fun, addicting, and time-consuming. I would most definitely recommend this game to my friends! Why not give it a shot? Let’s go for a run.


  • Gameplay is solid
  • Addictive
  • Fun
  • Best experience is free
  • Well worth the price!


  • Story needs some work
  • Notifications can cause lag
  • Music is repetitive
  • Big the Cat is a playable character

Final Score: 9/10