SoaH City Forums Grand Opening

SoaH City Forums Grand Opening

sticky-background-small-PNGAfter being in development for some time, SoaH City’s new forums are now open to the public. Thank you for patiently waiting. You may log in/register and post.

Ultimately we decided to start SoaH’s new forums using the last working backup of the Sonic Redux/United forums database from the end of 2013. This is entirely SoaH City’s new message board, but simply with a head start. Your old Sonic Redux/United accounts from mid November 2013 and before will work here, but be sure to enter your old account information. If you cannot remember your password, you can reset it but you’ll need to do so using the email you used on your account from 2013. Otherwise you may contact us at webmaster [at] to assist you. If you were not part of Sonic Redux/United from back then, you can create an account.

We designed the new SoaH City forums with site’s history in mind. The unique names for forums have been brought back, as well as the site’s unique features. There’s a prominent city theme to the layout. Older SoaH users should feel at home.

We hope you enjoy the new SoaH City forums!

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