Sonic Mach2 Listed by Orbot’s German Voice Actor, Takashi Iizuka Responds

Sonic Mach2 has been listed by Romanus Fuhrman on his website, who is Orbot’s German voice actor:

sonic mach2
computerspiel von sega
rolle: orbot
regie: ilja köster | iksample stud

Sonic Mach2
Video game by Sega
role: Orbot
regie: ilja köster | iksample stud

Someone then sent a message to Takashi Iizuka’s facebook for some answers, who responded with the following:

takashi iizuka sonic mach2

Could Sonic Mach2 be the next Sonic game? It certainly seems quite likely at this point. The long term silence regarding any new Sonic games has been broken. Let us know what your thoughts are in the comment section below!