New Chaos Zero and Classic Eggman Plushes Now Available

Ogilvie here, stopping by to share some news for all the merch lovers out there!

Only a few months ago, news arrived that Jazwares had lost its Sonic license and their products would be discontinued shortly. This news was naturally disheartening given the size of their line, but the sudden expansion of the Great Eastern (or GE for short) line of Sonic merchandise more than makes up for it, I think!

First off, there are now Classic Eggman (or “Robotnik” if you prefer) plushes on the market. The plushes measure 14 in./35.5 cm. and are pretty thick around as well; they are easily one of the largest Sonic plushes GE has ever made. Eggman is currently only available through eBay for around $25-30 US.

While the Eggman plushes were expected (but nonetheless welcome given how rare merchandise of the Doctor is), the other merchandise came completely out of nowhere: plushes of Chaos Zero from Sonic Adventure! Only slightly lighter than Eggman, he is the same height and certainly a welcome addition to any collection; current price is about $23-25 US on Amazon and eBay.

I managed to snag one of each, as can be seen below; they do a lot more justice to them the stock photos.


So, anyone else planning on getting some rare merchandise of these characters?