Sonic Revolution on Hiatus for 2015; Large Event to Return Next Year

Today I bring some belated Hedgehog Day News from the Sonic Revolution team, which I have the honor of being a part of.

Firstly, the bit of sad news. We are committed to making sure our event is a fantastic experience for all involved. Unfortunately, to pay for the right venue and mixture of guests and activities costs a considerable amount of funding as well as scheduling. This in mind, we have decided to avoid hosting a large event in 2015. Our long-term plan is to use this year to build up the funding and staff for an even bigger, better convention in 2016.

However, while there won’t be a full-fledged convention this year, that does not mean we will be inactive. We are hereby declaring 2015 to be the Four Seasons of Sonic, where we will be hosting and promoting several meetups and gatherings. We will also be establishing a presence at several conventions to promote our 2016 convention as well as build grassroots support for future Sonic fan events.

We will have our list of planned meetups and convention appearances soon, but in the meantime, we appreciate all those who have given their support to Sonic Revolution and its cause to bring Sonic events large and small to fans around the globe. We also commend those who took the initiative in 2014 to make meetups and conventions possible, with the explosion of Sonic conventions a testament to their success.

Source: Sonic Revolution Facebook Page