SEGA in a Pickle (Not Literally)

SEGA is releasing many of its employees today. 300 to be exact. Around 120 of those employees work at Sega of America.

Sega is making a shift towards the mobile and PC platform because this market is more profitable. Think about it. For console games, you need to make all the boxes and those cost money. You need to ship it and that costs money. There’s no guarantee that everyone has that console and that lowers sales. It costs almost nothing to give a individual a PC game. And if you happen to be reading this on a computer, over the Internet, then chances are you’ll be able to buy a $15 PC game which is cheaper than the $60 games you get at stores.

Sega has also stated that they will be moving their location to Southern California. This seems like an expensive choice, but it’s probably because taxes might be lower in another area.

Finally, SEGA has stated that “Sonic will be reinforced to generate stable profit”. This is business lingo for “Sonic will be changed in some way in order to keep a consistent amount of money”. Maybe Sonic will finally start running fast.