Weston Super Sonic Convention Tomorrow; Watch the Livestream!

Hello all! In less than 24 hours, the southwestern United Kingdom’s Sonic convention will be opening its doors for the second year in a row. Organized by several Summer of Sonic staff as well as other fans, Weston Super Sonic promises all sorts of activities for the avid Sonic fan, from panels about the UK’s long-lived and well-remembered Sonic the Comic strip to cosplay and gaming competitions.

Tickets sold out months ago, but there’s good news for those who can’t attend: the Sonic Show, the Sonic Stadium’s media arm, will be present on the floor and will be hosting a livestream. If you’re interested in attending via livestream, you can watch the event via the stream on Youtube.

Being in the United States, I will definitely be attending via the stream, as I had plenty of fun attending Summer of Sonic 2013’s livestream, also presented by the Sonic Show. Who all will be joining me?

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