Sonic Globalka Discontinued; SuperSonicCon Announced

Greetings Sonic fans around the world! Ogilvie here with community event-related news.

Sonic Globalka (or “Global Meeting”) has been a multi-day event held in Russia since 2005, predating Summer of Sonic and demonstrating that even a vast country like Russia is no obstacle to fans getting together for a few days to celebrate their favorite ‘hog.

Courtesy of SkyLlama at the Sonic Stadium, I was informed today that Globalka has been discontinued. A respectful moment of silence for the end of the world’s first Sonic con…

But, let’s not be too quick to be saddened! The team behind Globalka are hosting a new con in Summer 2014, to be titled SuperSonicCon. Organised by Sonic CIS, Sonic SCANF, and Sonic and All Characters, this event will be more in the Summer of Sonic style, with a large venue and many activities taking place in a single day.

The event is to be held in Moscow, and will feature tournaments and competitions, complete with several awards. Details are scarce but they will be relayed as they come. If you’ve been wanting to practice your Russian or visit Russia in general, this event gives you even more reason to do both!

SuperSonicCon website
SuperSonicCon VK page