Sonic London Winter Party (November 30, 2013) Recap

Hello everybody! Ogilvie here. As the PR guy (for lack of a better word) on the Sonic Revolution team and the community events guy (again, for lack of a better word) on the Sonic United team, it’s my responsibility to work to keep ties between the various meetup groups and to make sure everyone stays loosely connected through the Revolution network, while also promoting the cause of the revolution everywhere.

I’m here to report on the success of Sonic London’s recent meetup at the Meltdown Bar in London. Besides the standard activities of drawing and just having fun conversing with people about the world’s coolest hedgehog, they also had an Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed tournament, Mario Kart tournament, and a drawing contest, each of these handing out several £20 Nintendo eShop vouchers! It was a blast for all involved and it’s been called the best Sonic London meetup to date.

Sonic London organizes fan events in the London, UK area, having held no less than twelve meetups including this one and with no signs of stopping. Helen Doherty’s work shows that one need not spend a lot of money to have an awesome meetup with lots of people. All one needs is hard work and dedication to bring fans together!

They’ve also posted a recap video on Youtube for those unable to attend!

If you’re interested in finding events of your own, Sonic Revolution keeps a list of existing meetup chapters; if you’re interested in forming your own meetup chapter, don’t hesitate to stop by Sonic Social.

Tomorrow, Sonic St. Louis will be meeting in the Delmar Loop, while for those in the UK, Weston Super Sonic will be held on January 11th. Sonic London holds events approximately every three months, so if you missed this one, don’t worry; there will be a new one soon enough!

Sonic London website
Sonic London Facebook