Sonic the Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles Remixes

Taking place on the mysterious Floating Island whose guardian is Knuckles the Echidna who will stop at nothing to protect his precious island and the magical emeralds within. However, Knuckles thinks Robotnik is on his side! It’s up to Sonic to destroy the Death Egg once and for all and prove to Knuckles he’s really the good guy. Sonic the Hedgehog 3 for the Sega Genesis brought a more 3D look for Sonic along with new shields and moves. You can also play as Tails on this game and control his flight.

Even though Sonic 3 was released before Sonic and Knuckles, with the lock-on ability, many consider the game to be one game so with that in mind we will refer to it as one game.

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"Final Boss Remix" Play Click here for lyrics 1:35 Pop [Artists]
"Forbidden Palace" Play Click here for lyrics 4:53 Pop [Artists]
"Frosty" Play Click here for lyrics 2:51 [Genre] [Artists]
"Launch Base Zone" Play Click here for lyrics 2:14 [Genre] [Artists]
"Special Stage" Play Click here for lyrics 3:35 [Genre] [Artists]


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Final Boss RemixCKMProductions1:35

For this song, my sole purpose was to make it sound awesome. This has been, for a long time, one of my favorite Sonic songs. I remember looping the tune over and over again for Lord knows how long just to enjoy the melody. Anyhow, I basically amped up the original version with some new beats and electric guitars. I think it turned out pretty well.


Forbidden Palace [C89]Caine19894:53

I remixed “Hidden Palace” again! Enjoy!


FrostyFlacko The Weasel2:51

Remixing one of my favourite Sonic Tunes – The Icecap.



Enjoy this groovy ass sonic cover!


Sonic 3| Special Stage| HMrmxHouseMasta3:35

I just got this game for the first time (on my Wii with points) and when I heard this song, I instantly liked it, so I decided to remix it! Took me about 2 full days of straight work on this. Yes, that is an organ in there. Mastering took about 4 hours so that was fun… Anyway I really hope you enjoy listening to it as I did making it.