Project Chaos: Sonic the Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles Remix Album

Project Chaos is a Sonic 3 & Knuckles remix collaboration. For more information, visit the project site.

Please note that on disc 3 we’ve chosen not to upload tracks 8 through 14 because they do not work in iTunes and iPods, and they are also Work In Progress songs. If the song becomes finished and will play properly, we will upload it.

Disc 1 Song Title Artist(s) Length

Download all of Disc 1 in a 58 MB .ZIP FileVarious32:36

01. Sonic the Hedgehog and Knuckles (Title Screen)SnappleMan0:24

02. The Wait is Over! (Data Select)KungFuChicken!2:17

03. Divided By Grace (Angel Island Zone)Rexy4:59

04. Caution: Echidnas May Eat Your Brain (Act 1 Boss [Sonic 3])Daniel Baranowsky2:14

05. Walk on Water (Hydrocity Zone)housethegrate4:31

06. Knuckleduster (Marble Garden Zone) [Lyrics]Daniel Baranowsky3:52

07. Three Ring Nightfall (Carnival Night Zone)Hadyn3:06

08. That Freezing Feeling (Icecap Zone)Hetcenus5:02

09. Elevator Music (Launch Base Zone)Gecko Yamori2:55

10. Robotnik Radio (Sonic & Knuckles Boss 1)GaMeBoX3:19

Disc 2 Song TitleArtist(s)Length

Download all of Disc 2 in a 77 MB .ZIP FileVarious43:42

01. iMushroom (Mushroom Hill Zone)GaMeBoX4:32

02. Dead Batteries (Flying Battery Zone)SnappleMan3:44

03. Live at the Sandopolis (Sandopolis Zone)BrainCells3:07

04. Beneath the Ashes (Lava Reef Zone)Rexy, Hetcenus4:32

05. The Secluded Stronghold (Hidden Palace Zone)Kanjika4:57

06. Breathtaking Vision (Sky Sanctuary Zone)Kanjika3:33

07. Scrambled Eggman (Act 2 Boss)BrainCells, SnappleMan3:14

08. Before the Storm (Death Egg Zone)Joker3:00

09. Malicious Fingers (Final Boss)SnappleMan4:37

10. The Doomsday (Doomsday Zone)SnappleMan, Ashane, norg3:35

11. So Long and Thanks for All the… (Credits [Sonic 3])Red Tailed Fox4:54

Disc 3 Song TitleArtist(s)Length

01. Red Sphere, Blue Sphere (Special Stage)chthonic3:14

02. Schumacher’s Bar (Competition Menu)Rexy3:32

03. Momentary Standstill (Azure Lake Zone)Ross Kmet4:39

04. Helium Stairways (Balloon Park Zone)Ichitootah3:33

05. Ivory Gadget (Chrome Gadget Zone)Hetcenus6:12

06. Heat Blur (Desert Palace Zone)Joker3:37

07. Eternal Excavation (Endless Mine Zone)jmr3:16