Leggo My Ego

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[table delimiter=”|”]Description:|You will need Flash in order to play this game created by Drakor.

*|Rating: Teen Content – Blood and Violence – SoaH City uses TIGRS (The Independent Game Rating System) as its rating system. Ages 0+: Family-Friendly – Ages 10+: Teen Content – Ages 17+: Adult Content

Game Summary:|”It was a little rushed in some areas, but I’m still quite pleased at how it turned out. Please also note that this game may not be appropriate for all players, since it contains gory parts. I couldn’t decide which music to add to the game, and it would’ve made the game much larger, so I’m very sorry for not adding any. Alright, let’s get down to those great instructions so you can play the game.” –Neon Chaos[/table] [table delimiter=”|”]How to Play:|*

The Crosshair:|This is what you use to click and kill the enemy. It moves with the mouse, simple as that.

The Bullets:|Well, your gun can only hold 45 bullets, and every time you click anywhere on the screen, one bullet is subtracted from your current amount. When you run out of bullets, you automatically get Game Over.

The Ego Meter:|Most games use health, but this game uses ego. Enemies in this game drain your ego, that’s it. The more enemies present, the faster your ego drains. When you run out of ego, it’s Game Over.

“BEGIN” Message:|This message appears when you enter a new area. When this appears, you should get ready.

“AREA CLEARED” Message:|This message appears when you have finished killing all of the enemies in that area.

Cheats:|Enter a cheat into the message box, and click on the ENTER button, or press Enter on the keyboard. I’ve made it non-case sensitive, so you can type “EXIT” or “eXiT” and it will still interpret it as exit. Scroll down past the game for the list of cheats.

List of Cheats:|unlmtdb – Unlimited Bullets      hard mode – Switches to hard mode. If you get Game Over, it automatically switches back to normal. You have a maximum of 38 bullets. You can also switch back to normal difficulty by typing normal mode or beating the game.      very hard – Switches to very hard mode. If you get Game Over, it automatically switches back to normal. You have a maximum of 34 bullets.      ar 4 – Starts you off in Area 4.      kings throne – Fight the final boss, The Ego King.      _ending_ – Shows the ending that plays when you beat the game, including credits.      cheese god – The crossheir becomes a piece of cheese.[/table]